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New Member? Get Started.

Welcome to Dixie Power! Signing up for new service is easy. Simply go to the New Customer Sign Up section (see below) and click on one of the options, Residential or Business. Once you have filled out the online registration form, a member service representative will contact you to complete the remaining items of the registration. A one time deposit might be required for those with low utility credit.

Existing Members

If you are an existing member of Dixie Power, and need an updated application, use the links below to sign up for service. Please indicate in the application that you are or have been a member of Dixie Power. We look forward to serving you.

New Member Sign-Up

Please select which type of customer to sign-up by clicking the appropriate below. If you are a homeowner or renter, please click on the “Register For Residential” button. If you are needing power for your business, please click the “Register For Business” button below:

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Landlord Forms

These forms below are for landlord transfer of accounts and landlord removal of service and responsibility.

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New Construction Service

If you are building a new home, office, or building start here…

New Construction Request