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Portrait of young caucasian female woman cashier. Seller using touch pad for accepting client customer payment. Small business of coffee shop cafeteria.

Coop Connections Partners

Dear Community Partner,

We have an exciting new opportunity for your business. We’d like to invite you to join us in our member benefits initiative, the Co-op Connections program. This program gives you the opportunity to offer our cooperative members valuable discounts. In exchange for your participation, we promote your business and discount offers to our members at no cost to you. The program is designed to benefit your business and our members.

Dixie Power, in conjunction with other Touchstone Energy® cooperatives around the country, has developed the Co-op Connections program to deliver more value to members and assist participating businesses in increasing customer visits.

This year we will closely monitor the program’s success and give you the opportunity annually to opt-in or out of the program. This program gives your business exposure to our 25,000 members and millions more served by our fellow Touchstone Energy cooperatives.

Become A Partner Today